Gilles Simler

Senior Business Intelligence Solutions Analyst
Office of the Vice President for Finance
Award presented by
Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart

Our final Excellence Award for Innovative Solutions goes to a data superhero by the name of Gilles Simler. He is the Senior Business Intelligence Solutions Analyst in the Vice President for Finance area and he continually saves the day with his superb data analysis skills.

Gilles is an expert at understanding how business and data relate. As one of his colleagues said, “While MIT has employees who are good at data and others who are good at business, the intersection of the two can often be the missing link in true success.” Gilles solves not only immediate data challenges but their lesser known root causes. Among his many innovations, Gilles is forging a collaboration between Procurement and data pioneer and Turing-prize-winner, Michael Stonebraker from MIT’s CSAIL. He wants to apply Stonebraker’s famous relational database tools to MIT data to improve the accuracy of the Institute’s procurement statistics.

Through innovation after innovation, Gilles Simler is solving data challenges that will lead to greater insights and knowledge that will make MIT an even stronger institution, as a result. Congratulations on your Innovative Solutions, Gilles!