Tamara Yu

Technical Staff
Group 51 Cyber Systems + Operations, Lincoln Laboratory
Award presented by
Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart

Our final Bringing out the Best honoree is Tamara Yu, a member of the technical staff at Lincoln Laboratory. Tamara is all about the team. How to make a team productive. How to make it rewarding for all its members. How to make it stronger than the sum of its parts. And Tamara does this by bringing out the best in every single member.

Here’s what one of her team members had to say: “When Tamara joins a project, she brings out the best in every member of the team by quickly turning their ideas into reality, fostering group interactions, and rapidly completing complex tasks. She treats all members of a team as equals, showing no bias to high-ranking staff and always encouraging less experienced employees to offer input. The free exchange of ideas and the friendly working environment that Tamara’s leadership inspires has brought out my best work and motivates me to achieve higher personal standards every single day.”

Congratulations to Tamara on her Bringing out the Best award!