Donna R. Savicki

Assistant Dean of Engineering for Administration
School of Engineering
Bringing Out the Best
Award presented by
Ian Waitz, Dean of the School of Engineering

Our next honoree for the Bringing out the Best award is a person whose excellence I have come to know firsthand. She is the ultimate university administrator—fully attuned to the culture, deeply caring, remarkably effective, and universally respected. Her name is Donna Savicki, and she is the Assistant Dean for Administration in the School of Engineering.

Donna has been an invaluable advisor to nine deans of engineering, providing stability through transitions, offering insight on a range of issues, and running the administrative side of the School’s operations, going over and above in all areas of her job to make the School a rewarding place to work on every level.

One of her colleagues said it best: “Working with Donna has been inspirational because her professionalism, intelligence, integrity, and enthusiasm are contagious. She demonstrates the importance of an administrator’s role…and how to be good at it. Just by her example, she has inspired me to be a better administrator.”

Congratulations, Donna, on your Bringing out the Best award!