Matthew Hubbell

Systems Engineer
Group 53 Secure Resilient Systems + Technology, Lincoln Laboratory
​Sustaining MIT
Award presented by
Lorraine A. Goffe-Rush, Vice President for Human Resources

The Sustaining MIT award recognizes those who implement practices that improve environmental performance at the Institute. They find productive ways to reduce waste, water, and energy. They advance low-carbon transportation options. And they help the MIT community incorporate sustainability into their day-to-day work lives by modeling sustainable practices, integrating sustainability into office operations, and introducing influential learning opportunities.

The winner of the 2016 Excellence Award for Sustaining MIT is Matthew Hubbell, a systems engineer with the Lincoln Laboratory Grid team. Matt has led the development of the pioneering Lincoln Holyoke Supercomputing site since 2011 and has been the driving factor in its success. Under his leadership, the site left “state-of-the-art” in the dust a long time ago in terms of overall cost, energy efficiency, and carbon impact.

To achieve this feat, Matt has collaborated with a wide range of security, IT, facilities, and financial services experts here at MIT and around the country. As a result of his efforts, the Lincoln Holyoke Supercomputing site provides computing capabilities to more than 1,000 MIT researchers while using energy that is 93% carbon free—a superhuman supercomputing achievement.

One contributor shared, “I have worked very closely with Matt in various areas for a decade. Matt’s dedication to the institute and its mission is obvious at every interaction.”

Congratulations, Matthew on his Sustaining MIT award.