Marc A. Zissman

Associate Division Head, Cyber Security and Information Sciences Division, Lincoln Laboratory

(presented by Maria Zuber, Vice President for Research)
Our final Unsung Hero award of 2015 is being celebrated for his tireless work and dedication to the mission of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief.

His name is Marc Zissman, and he is an Associate Division Head at Lincoln Laboratory. As one of Marc’s supporters for this award wrote, “Marc’s work in the area of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response is completely beyond anything his official role in cyber-security at Lincoln Laboratory calls for. Since the Haiti disaster, he has worked tirelessly to leverage the great technical strength of MIT Lincoln Laboratory to assist those who desperately need it. He invests so much of himself out of a moral conviction that we cannot stand by and watch people suffer when we can be of help.”

As another nominator states, “Dr. Zissman has led a team of staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory on an internal, exploratory study of how the unique skills at the Laboratory and the greater MIT community, can best support the US government and the HADR community when the next disaster happens.  Dr. Zissman has thoughtfully put together a team with diverse backgrounds & expertise.  Through his leadership, he has guided and pushed us to think beyond the current state of how disaster response is done, and think of novel ways we can make a difference.”

“Marc is the driving force for international disaster relief at Lincoln Laboratory and his contagious passion for the cause is quickly turning this into a group effort at Lincoln Laboratory.”

Congratulations, Marc Zissman!