Joseph Masello

Project Manager, Facilities Service Department, Lincoln Laboratory

(presented by Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart)

The next recipient of the Serving the Client award is Joseph Masello,  a project manager in the Facility Services Department at Lincoln Laboratory and the zone manager for the Microelectronics Laboratory. By all accounts, Joe sees himself as a key part of the research teams he serves. His goal: do whatever it takes to keep physical plant distractions from hampering the progress of research.

His nominator gave several examples of Joe’s dedication in that regard. Here’s just one: “Joe managed a very difficult project this past year when he upgraded the entire toxic gas detection system—a critical life safety system that had to be executed to perfection. It was a tricky project given that down-time in the facility had to be kept to an absolute minimum. Joe worked tirelessly to ensure that the project went smoothly and created minimal disruptions, while putting in whatever extra hours were necessary—and keeping his team updated on the process throughout.”

And that is exactly what distinguishes Joe—he makes sure to involve the wider research team in his solutions. That collaborative spirit has proven to be contagious and has inspired many others at Lincoln Laboratory to make facilities staff an integral part of their research teams.

Congratulations, Joseph Masello!