Forms + Petitions Team

(see below)

Brian Canavan, Associate Registrar, Registrar’s Office
Mary Enterline, Associate Dean, Office of Faculty Support
Patricia Fernandes, Advisor, Communication and HASS Requirements, Office of Faculty Support
Genèvre Filiault, Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Faculty Support, Office of Faculty Support
Peter Hayes, Associate Registrar, Registrar’s Office
Brian Knoll, Senior Application Support Engineer, Information Systems + Technology
Lee Leffler, Business Systems Analyst, Information Systems + Technology

Marc Sacks, Quality Assurance Analyst, Information Systems + Technology
Rosanne Santucci, Communications and Data Specialist, Office of Faculty Support
Zahida Taher, Senior IT Manager, Information Systems + Technology
Laura Watts, User Experience Designer, Information Systems + Technology
Jennifer Weiss, Senior Programmer Analyst, Information Systems + Technology
Jeff Welch, Senior User Experience Designer, Information Systems + Technology

(presented by President L. Rafael Reif)

The first Excellence Award for Serving the Client goes to a dedicated group called the Forms and Petitions Team. That may not sound quite as glamorous as the Red Sox, or the Patriots… or even the Engineers. But through an inspired collaboration between Information Systems and Technology, and the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education, this team has transformed some of the core student functions at MIT.

Through extensive conversations with students and faculty, team members identified the key “pain points,” – places where our administrative practices were creating needless frustration… and where we had an opportunity to make them better. With…

  • Add/Drop,
  • The HASS Concentration,
  • Late Add/Drop, and
  • The Graduate Student Petition

Students used to have to locate each form, print it, crisscross campus to get approvals from advisors and instructors … and then hand-deliver the final form to the correct location.

Thanks to the Forms and Petitions Team –this whole process is now digitized, and available 24/7. These thoughtful innovations boost the quality of the campus experience for many students and faculty.

It is my pleasure to present the Forms and Petitions Team with the much-deserved Serving the Client Award.