Maryanne Kirkbride

Clinical Director for Campus Life, MIT Medical

(presented by Lorraine Goffe-Rush, Vice President for Human Resources)

The next Bringing out the Best award goes to Maryanne Kirkbride, Clinical Director for Campus Life at MIT Medical.

Maryanne’s commitment to bringing out the best in the MIT community is all encompassing, her colleagues say. She brings out the best in the Community Wellness staff she supervises, in the many students she mentors through student health initiatives, in the international students she guides as a freshman advisor, and in the alumni she supports as friend and fairy godmother. She also makes a point to care for the caregivers—for example, after the shooting of Officer Collier, she reached out to MIT EMS.  

As one alumnus wrote, “Maryanne’s mentorship extended well beyond sharing her experience and network -- to making sure I was meeting my personal development goals and gaining confidence in my abilities as a leader.”

Two others noted, “As students who both had some academic struggles at MIT, we realize that we would not be in medical school today if Maryanne hadn’t mentored us and given us that extra push, that extra encouragement, and that extra time to make sure we connected with the resources we needed to succeed. Maryanne Kirkbride has been instrumental in shaping who we are today as student leaders and as future doctors.”

Everybody, let’s congratulate Maryanne Kirkbride!