Mary Markel Murphy

Assistant Director for Administration and Human Resources, Research Laboratory of Electronics

(presented by Lorraine Goffe-Rush, Vice President for Human Resources)

Our final Bringing out the Best award—and the final Excellence Award of the year—goes to Mary Markel Murphy, Assistant Director for Administration and Human Resources at the Research Laboratory for Electronics.

The RLE team that nominated Mary confessed that they had a difficult time choosing an award category because her attributes qualified her for just about every one. In the end, they thought that Bringing out the Best was the most suitable recognition for Mary.

One nominator said, “Mary has excelled in problem solving, morale boosting, and quiet leadership since she first joined RLE.”

“Mary is creating a culture of development and growth for all of her employees.   She has allowed the HQ Staff to participate in many leadership and development programs.  One Fiscal Officer is currently in the Partnership Fellows program.  She reports that every time she leaves a session she feels more empowered and confident.” 
 The Fiscal team noted, that, “ …with Mary as their interim boss they have weathered this difficult period and excelled at doing so, working as a cohesive unit with respect for each other and a “we’re all in this together” attitude.”

The Research Lab for Electronics—and the individuals within it—are all growing and transforming under Mary’s leadership. She is bringing out everyone’s best.”

Let’s bring her up to the podium for her Excellence Award – congratulations, Mary Markel Murphy!