Daria Johnson

Undergraduate Academic Administrator, Department of Literature

(presented by Lorraine Goffe-Rush, Vice President for Human Resources)

The next recipient for the Bringing out the Best award is Daria Johnson, a senior administrative assistant in the Literature Section. As one of her many supporters for this award observed, “Daria is the star who makes our staff, faculty, and students all shine brighter.”

Another said, “Daria stands out in her role as a leader, role model, and community builder. The last year presented us with many challenges. Daria picked up the slack and played a critical role in a difficult transition. She has mentored new staff, brought them into our culture, and created a sense of community that is absolutely invaluable to the smooth functioning of the section and the morale of students and faculty.”

And finally, “She initiated and now coordinates the practice of faculty visits to intro literature classes each semester. These sessions expose students to potential instructors they might not otherwise encounter, and introduce professors to students outside their own immediate classes, helping to build the collegial atmosphere of the section. She works indefatigably to reach students, make sure they have the information they need, and make them feel at home in Literature.”

Daria Johnson, we are very pleased to present you with the Excellence Award for Bringing out the Best.