Sarra Shubart

Presented by Israel Ruiz, Executive Vice President & Treasurer:

"Our next Unsung Hero is Sarra Shubart, an Administrative Assistant in the Global Education and Career Development Center. As one of her nominators said, “Sarra embodies everything I admire about MIT. She works so hard, cares so much about others, brings so much to the table, and does everything she can to make everything she touches succeed.”

Sarra’s nomination letters chronicle her extraordinary efforts to help students land highly competitive Rhodes, Fulbright and Marshall fellowships. Many of those students feel they would not have achieved those honors without her guidance and support.

Sarra has introduced best practices that save the center’s staff hours of work. She is also versatile and up for any challenge, assuming the Assistant Dean’s duties during a time when the center was short-staffed.

Sarra is always the first refuge for students and staff under crisis because of her wisdom, empathy, and legendary problem-solving ability—and her colleagues want to bring her status as an Unsung Hero to a ceremonious end - congratulations!"