Matthew Isgur

Presented by Israel Ruiz, Executive Vice President & Treasurer:

"Our next recipient of the Unsung Hero Award has been described as a young man wise beyond his years. His name is Matthew Isgur and he works in Information Services and Technology (IS&T) as a network engineer dedicated to campus security.

“I have been a police officer at MIT for almost 10 years,” one of his nominators said, “and in those 10 years, I have not met anyone on campus so willing to go out of their way for any and everyone as much as Matt Isgur.”

Matt has designed security innovations including a mobile platform that allows for the rapid deployment of video surveillance in any environment. He helped install video surveillance technology around campus for undercover police cases, doing much of the work on his own time—then worked with the resulting footage to aid the police in apprehending thieves.

On the night of April 18th Matt helped the police and FBI use video to place the marathon bombers at the scene of Sean Collier’s death, one of the key pieces of the investigation that brought them to justice.

Matt Isgur has distinguished himself in this community as a brilliant technologist who cares first and foremost about the people he can help with that technology. Today, we recognize his dedicated efforts with the Unsung Hero Award."