MIT Medical and Emergency Operations Center Flu Clinic Coordination Team

David Barber, Emergency & Business Continuity Planner, Security and Emergency Management Office (SEMO)
Robert Bright, Facilities Operations Manager, MIT Medical
Dennis Collins, Director of Capital Renewal & Construction, Division of Student Life
Winnie Dansby, Director, Human Resources, MIT Medical
Cathleen Dwyer, Community Care Nurse, Nursing Service, MIT Medical
Debbie Friscino, Director of Operations, MIT Medical
Martin O'Brien, Manager, Customer Service Center & Mail Services
Phyl Winn, Administrative Coordinator, MIT Medical

Presented by President L. Rafael Reif:
The Sustaining MIT Award is a new category that honors those who launch innovations that improve MIT’s ecological, financial, or community health and wellbeing. The 2014 Excellence Award for Sustaining MIT recognizes the efforts of a remarkable team—the MIT Medical & Emergency Operations Center Flu Clinic Coordination Team.

The eight honorees represent MIT Medical, Housing, Facilities, and Emergency Management. Together, they have given us a significantly healthier community.

Over two days in the fall of 2013, the Flu Clinic Coordination team collaborated across areas and functions to dispense more than 7,000 flu shots!

They managed to immunize 25% of the MIT population -- from freshmen to senior faculty. And they did it by developing a famously elegant process that makes getting a flu shot quick and easy.

One person posted on Twitter, “The MIT flu shot line is ridiculously efficient. In and out in 5 minutes despite the 50+ people there. So why is the coffee line so slow?”

One nominator wrote, “The experience of standing in that line (albeit briefly) made me incredibly proud to work at MIT with such competent, creative, and committed people. And it has become a symbol for me of what we can accomplish when we break down silos and commit to a goal.”