Aran Parillo

Presented by Alison Alden, Vice president for Human Resources (former):

"Our next awardee received passionate nominating statements from more than a dozen students, staff, faculty, post docs, even alumni. On paper, he’s an information systems administrator in the Department of Biological Engineering, but his colleagues are convinced that Aran Parillo is a superhero. I’ll let them tell you why.

From a former student: “During my time at MIT, Aran helped me frequently with software installations and technical difficulties before seminars. He cared about my success and his supportive, friendly nature was always comforting when I faced technical challenges.”

From a professor: “When my old cell phone refused to synchronize with the MIT network, it was Aran who took the time to dig into the issue for a few hours and finally unveil a bug the largest manufacturer of mobile telephony had not yet recognized but promptly acknowledged and addressed.”

And from yet another colleague: “Aran is a master educator and communicator. He knows how to explain complicated things in simple words and takes the time to walk you through the process of what went wrong. Because Aran is humanly inclined and gifted, you learn from his help and actions—without feeling like an idiot.”