Albert L. Traniello

Presented by Alison Alden, Vice President for Human Resources (former):

"The last recipient of the Serving the Client award is famous around Lincoln Laboratory for saying: “Let me know what I can do to help, and I will be there.” A mechanical project technician in the Optical Systems Engineer Group, Albert Traniello is the lead technician for the Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration Optical Module, a groundbreaking NASA program that is demonstrating new capabilities in deep space optical communications.

As one of his nominators wrote, “Al Traniello exemplifies what it means to serve the customer. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill in his field and is comfortable mentoring others. Al serves as a role model within our group, epitomizing what it means to serve our customers. He is also a willing learner, always looking to discover new techniques and skills to further his value to our group.”

As a result of Al’s hard work and his collaboration with other skilled technicians, the LLCD space terminal hardware is currently in orbit around the moon and all indications are that everything is functioning beautifully.

Al, your colleagues find you an inspiration and think you should receive the MIT Excellence Award for Serving the Client."