April Julich Perez

Presented by Edmund Bertschinger, Institute Community & Equity Officer: "Our next honoree in the Bringing Out the Best category is April Julich Perez, Associate Director of MISTI—MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives. April choreographs the complex workings of 17 country programs, 18 seed funds, and sees to it that the 500 students that MISTI sends abroad for internships every year are well prepared, have rich experiences, and return safely. In her role at MISTI, April has distinguished herself in her ability to mentor, inspire, and empower each member of her staff—encouraging them to take on new responsibilities and supporting them every step of the way. “I have always been struck by how well April helps to grow her people,” one nominator said, “giving them the autonomy and the guidance they need to develop professionally. As a result of April’s efforts, MISTI now has a deep bench of professional staff talent.” Another nominator observed, “At a staff gathering, April brought a book specifically matched for each staff member, then shared a word she felt highlighted that person’s contribution to the team. The staff felt extremely cared for and appreciated.”