Employee Resource Group Co-Leads Team

Michelle Baildon, Philosophy, History, Anthropology, Science, Technology & Society Librarian, MIT Libraries Maria Barrios, Health & Welfare Benefits Manager, Office of the VP for Human Resources Gabrielle Brewington, Administrative Assistant II(former), Research Laboratory of Electronics Cheryl Charles, Fiscal Officer for HR/Payroll Administration, Research Laboratory of Electronics, HQ Suzette Clinton, Senior Human Resources Business Partner, Office of the VP for Finance Gilbert Cordova, Senior Financial Administrator, Materials Processing Center, School of Engineering Felix DeLeon, Assistant Manager, Department of Facilities Custodial Services Abigail Francis, Director of LGBT Services/Assistant Director, Student Activities Office Thomas O'Connor, Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming, Student Disabilities Services Lynn Santiago-Calling, Associate Director, Class & Affinity Giving, MIT Annual Fund Taeminn Song, Senior Manager for Operations Program Management & IT Policies, Information Services & Technology Nina Wu, Events & Major Projects Assistant, Department of Physics, School of Science Presented by Edmund Bertschinger, Institute Community & Equity Officer: "The 2014 award for Advancing Inclusion and Global Perspectives goes to 12 exceptional people who together have created a stronger, prouder, more inclusive MIT community. Each of these individuals leads an Employee Resource Group Co-Leads Team or ERG, which is an MIT Human Resources pilot program that invites groups of employees to form around a common bond. The first four groups to kick off the program are the African, Black, American, Caribbean ERG; the Asian Pacific American ERG; the Latino ERG; and the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender ERG. The honorees have organized community events, mentored members, and collaborated with one another to grow their ERGs into vital, vibrant organizations that are successfully and dynamically integrated into the larger community. “The twelve ERG co-leads represent the best aspects of MIT,” one of their nominators observed, “a willingness to step up, a commitment to moving MIT towards a more inclusive workplace, and the ability to collaborate effectively. On top of their day jobs, the co-leads are committed to creating, growing, and sustaining these employee organizations. Without their efforts, MIT would be much the poorer.” Another nominator noted, “The ERG’s efforts are creating the caring community we seek at MIT.”