Caitlin Tulloch

Unsung Hero

Presenter: Eric Evans, Director of Lincoln Laboratory

The senior policy associate at the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action lab was hired to summarize the lab’s academic research for a policy audience—but she has done much more than that. She created a new system for gathering information from field staff around the globe, she helped design J-PAL’s new website, and she supervises staff members documenting more than 300 field studies. She helped recruit new staff and has been a crucial asset in training and mentoring new employees. She also works passionately to institutionalize the systems she creates, ensuring continuity and consistency. One supporter said she single-handedly accomplished more in the last six months than he had in the past three years.

Clearly the senior staff and professors of J-PAL would be lost without her skills, professionalism, and dependability. Please congratulate Caitlin Tulloch.