Cheryl Vossmer

MIT Police
This awardee epitomizes a positive, trustworthy, and protective ambassador of the MIT Police, she brims with enthusiasm, sensitivity, commitment to students, and willingness to volunteer for community service activities. An international student shared that he felt anxious encountering a Police Officer immediately upon arrival. Alleviating his anxiety, she assured him that MIT Police wanted to help in any way possible.

Her Orientation speech comes recommended as a 'must-see'; her talks and self-defense training at the Sidney-Pacific dormitory have drawn crowds exceeding one hundred students. Her work with the Graduate Student and LBGT communities shows special dedication to ensuring that MIT creates and safeguards an inclusive and welcoming environment. One writer states, "Sergeant Cheryl Vossmer's ability to cross boundaries between and within MIT's diverse communities has empowered more people and groups than I can think of."

We cherish Cheryl and are pleased to present her with an MIT Excellence Award for Creating Connections. Congratulations.