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A career can have many different paths – and each one is unique. Listen as Michele King Harrington, Career Development Program Administrator in Human Resources, talks with MIT employees about their career journeys at the Institute. Discover their helpful advice for your own career development planning.

Rita Sahu

Virtuality Senior Project Manager, Center for Advanced Virtuality (CAV), MIT Open Learning

"I think I have tried to design ... skills and strengths around this phrase: passion meets purpose meets plan. Because I feel like that allows me to think about skills and strengths and has helped me through my projects."

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Rachel Hutton

Director of Operations, Executive Education, MIT Sloan School of Management

"[W]hen coming into MIT as an admin, I had really no idea how I was going to transition into doing [event] work, but I kept expressing what I was passionate about and was given those opportunities ... those moments for me really cemented what I wanted to do."

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Sarah Hendrick

Senior Director, Data Management and Governance, MIT Resource Development 

"[E]very role that I've had for the past 24 years has been a little bit out of my comfort zone. And I've really had to have faith in what my manager saw in me ... I'm glad that they did push me in those directions."

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Jimmy Doan

Associate Dean and Senior Director of Wellbeing, Belonging, and Special Projects, Student Support and Wellbeing, Division of Student Life

"I'm open to talking about everything that people are working on with current projects, but also happy to talk about what they want to do to grow and skills that they want to develop. So something that I prioritize a lot is creating space for staff to innovate."

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Robin Elices

Executive Director, Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer

"I would encourage people to take advantage of ... opportunities as they present themselves and even express to their managers a desire to get involved in things, perhaps outside of the scope of their routine responsibilities, so as to broaden their viewpoint and understanding of MIT. "

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Career Support for Employees

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