Address Change for Nonactive Employees

This form may be used for address changes by all former MIT faculty and staff; all MIT and Lincoln Lab retirees; and all MIT and Lincoln Lab employees on Long Term Disability Leave.

  • Active MIT Employees can make changes to their MIT address, home address, phone and e-mail address through the Personal Information page under About Me in Atlas, or make a name change using this form.
  • Department affiliation, Employment Status or Title cannot be updated using this form. Please contact the appropriate Department's Administrative Officer for these questions.
  • When you click the "submit" button, your request will be sent to MIT Benefits, NE49-5000.
  • The Payroll and Medical offices will be notified by MIT Benefits upon receipt.
  • You must notify other offices as appropriate.

Who may NOT use this form?

HR does not maintain any records of student employees; employees paid by MITemps; or regular active Lincoln Lab Staff. Undergraduate and graduate students (including Research and Teaching Assistants) can update their address information on WebSIS and contact the Registrar's Office, 5-119, for name changes. MITemps employees should contact their department Administrative Officer. Regular active Lincoln Lab Staff should contact the Lincoln Laboratory Human Resources Department.

    What Does this Form Do?

    This change of address form will update your address for your health and welfare and life insurance benefits, but not for your Basic Retirement Plan, 401(k) Plan or TDA benefits. You must contact your Basic Retirement Plan, 401(k) Plan or TDA benefits Plans directly if you are changing your address.

    Who else to notify

    Please use the following contact information to update your address with each one of your carriers, to ensure checks, direct deposit advice, and tax documents are directed to your current location:

    • MIT Basic Retirement Pension Plan
      Go online to or call the MIT Pension Service Center at 855-464-8736 (855-4MITPEN) between 9 am – 7 pm Eastern Time.
    • MIT 401(k) Supplemental Plan
      Contact Fidelity at 877-MIT-SAVE (648-7283)
    • Tax-Deferred Annuity (TDA) or 403(b) Program
      Fidelity(800) 343-0860
      Prudential(800) 458-6333
      TIAA-CREF(800) 842-2776
      Vanguard(800) 523-1188
    • MIT Credit Union members should notify the Credit Union in 700 Technology Square (NE48), 617-253-2845, of any personal changes.

    Address Change Form

    Current Information

    Information to Be Changed

    In this section, fill out any fields that have changed with your NEW personal information.