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Our Learning Topics offer articles, tools and resources that can help individuals and groups at MIT reach their goals effectively. The content of each topic is geared especially for members of the MIT community.

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Communicating with others

Communicating with Others is about gauging your current effectiveness in communicating, and learning techniques and strategies to become more adept in your interpersonal communication.

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Designing meetings

Designing Meetings is about techniques and methods that help meetings run smoothly and groups work collaboratively.

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Leading and managing others

Leading and Managing Others is about how managers can be effective leaders of organizational change. When managers manage as leaders, they proactively take steps to lead a group towards a vision of the future.

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Managing change

Change management is a set of ideas, strategies, and skills that can be applied to engage change effectively. Managing Change offers resources to help individuals and teams respond to and manage change more effectively at MIT.

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Working on teams

Teams share a commitment to a common purpose, mission and goals. Working on Teams offers tools and techniques to help both members and leaders of MIT teams work more cooperatively and effectively.

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