Career Counseling & Coaching Guidelines

The Tuition Assistance Plan will reimburse eligible employees for certain career counseling or coaching expenses.

What’s Covered

  • Covered: Individual or group counseling on career choices, skills assessment, career planning, job searching, and career transition
  • Not covered: Typing or printing of resumes

Reimbursement is limited to $500 every five years and is counted against an employee’s maximum tuition reimbursement limit in a calendar year. The prepayment option may not be used for career counseling/coaching.


You are eligible to receive assistance under the Tuition Assistance Plan if you are paid by MIT, are appointed to work at MIT for at least one year, and work at least 50% of the full-time work schedule in your department, laboratory, or center. Learn more about eligibility.

Next Steps

  1. After you complete a career counseling course or session, visit the Tuition Assistance Account page in Atlas.
  2. Enter your course/career counseling session information in Atlas.
  3. Collect your backup materials:
    • a brief one-paragraph statement of your goals and objectives for the career counseling session/meeting
    • a photocopy of the published course description or a contract printed on the letterhead of the school or agency
    • background information on the credentials of the instructor or career counselor
  4. To receive reimbursement you must submit your backup documentation, including proof of payment and a letter or certificate of successful completion, within one year.
    • Main campus: Submit your documentation to Human Resources by email to or by interdepartmental mail to NE49-5000.
    • Lincoln Laboratory: Submit your documentation to the Lincoln Laboratory Workforce Service Center by e-mail to or by interdepartmental mail to S2-112.

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Complete this form only when the area of study for your course(s) is Career-Related.

Complete this form only if you are unable to access your Tuition Assistance Account in Atlas.