The 2023 MIT Excellence Award + Collier Medal Recipients

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Congratulations to the 2023 MIT Excellence Award + Collier Medal award recipients!

The 2022 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal ceremony took place on June 8, 2023. 

See the webcast, photos, and the details of each recipient's award here.

MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal

Collier Medal 

Martin Eric William Nisser
Graduate Student Fellow, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science/CSAIL
School of Engineering/Schwarzman College of Computing

Sustaining MIT 

Erin Genereux
Director of Development, Arts Initiatives
Office of the Arts

Rachida Kernis
Administrative Assistant II, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
School of Engineering

Tip Box Recycling Team
Environment, Health, and Safety Office
Department of Campus Services and Stewardship

  • John R. Collins, Project Technician
  • Michael A. DeBerio, Project Technician
  • Normand J. Desrochers III, Technician B
  • Mitchell S. Galanek, Associate Director
  • David M. Pavone, Project Technician
  • Ryan Samz, RPP Officer
  • Rosario Silvestri, Project Technician
  • Lu Zhong, Senior Application and Database Developer

J. Bradley Morrison
Senior Lecturer
Sloan School of Management

Innovative Solutions

Abram Barrett
IP Special Projects Manager, OSATT, Technology Licensing Office
Office of the Provost

Nicole H. W. Henning
Ultrasound Research Specialist, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research
VP for Research

Bringing Out the Best

Patty Eames
Manager of Academics, Internships and Student Affairs, Leaders for Global Operations Program
School of Engineering

Suzy Maholchic Nelson
Vice Chancellor and Dean for Student Life
Division of Student Life

Serving Our Community

Mahnaz El-Kouedi
Director of Academic Program Administration, Program in Media Arts and Sciences
School of Architecture and Planning

Kara Flyg
Senior Director, Development, McGovern Institute for Brain Research
Office of the Provost

Timothy J. Meunier
IT Manager, Cyber Security and Information Sciences
Lincoln Laboratory

Marie A. Stuppard
Academic Program Administrator, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
School of Engineering

Roslyn R. Wesley
Administrative Staff, Security Services Department
Lincoln Laboratory

Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Farrah A. Belizaire
DEIJ Program Officer, Department of Brain + Cognitive Sciences/McGovern Institute for Brain Research/Picower Institute for Learning and Memory

Outstanding Contributor

Diane Ballestas
Administrative Assistant II, Department of Biological Engineering
School of Engineering

Heather Anne Holland
Director, Digital Marketing and Communications, Career Development Office
Sloan School of Management

Sarah E. Willis
Technical Staff, Air and Missile Defense Technology
Lincoln Laboratory

Lindsey Megan Charles
Senior Administrative Assistant, Media Lab
School of Architecture and Planning

Benoit Desbiolles
Postdoctoral Associate, Nano-Cybernetic Biotrek Group, Media Lab
School of Architecture and Planning

Phyl A. Winn
Senior Electronic Health Records Application Analyst
MIT Medical

Linda Mar
Funds Information Consultant, Office of the Recording Secretary
Office of the Vice President for Finance

Gregory L. Long
Lead Laboratory Technical Instructor (NEET)
School of Engineering

Robert J. Bicchieri
Research Specialist, MIT.nano
VP for Research

Dennis C. Hamel
Senior Aircraft Mechanic, Flight Test Facility, Director's Office
Lincoln Laboratory

Mary Ellen Sinkus
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
School of Engineering

MIT Staff Award for Distinction in Service

The MIT Staff Award for Distinction in Service is given annually to a staff member at MIT whose service to the Institute results in positive lasting impact on MIT's community. The award is presented at the MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal celebration.

This year's recipient is Kimberly A. Haberlin, Chief of Staff, Chancellor's Office.