The 2021 MIT Excellence Award + Collier Medal Recipients

Congratulations to the 2021 MIT Excellence Award + Collier Medal award winners!

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Watch the celebration: The 2021 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal Celebration Video Webcast took place on June 23, 2021.

See the award citations for each of these recipients.

Bringing Out the Best 

Martine Kalke
Assistant Group Leader, Secure Resilient Systems and Technology
Lincoln Laboratory

Jonathan Pitts
Group Leader, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Systems Group
Lincoln Laboratory

Christina Toro
Executive Director, Office of Individual Giving
Resource Development

Collier Medal 

Ben Linville-Engler
SDM Certificate and Industry Director, System Design and Management
School of Engineering

Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Alice Lee
Associate Staff, Secure, Resilient Systems and Technology
Lincoln Laboratory

Doreen Lopes-Smith
Senior Development Assistant, Office of Leadership Giving
Resource Development

Innovative Solutions

Sarah Ballinger
Head of Program Management, Media Lab
School of Architecture + Planning

MIT Covid Testing / CovidApps Team
  • Bill Brids, Information Systems and Technology Manager, Atlas IT Desk
  • Olujimi Brown, Director of Platform Engagement, Information Systems and Technology
  • Ketline Edouard, Nurse Practice Manager for Medical Specilaties and Covid testing sites, MIT Medical
  • Shawn Ferullo, Associate Medical Director & Chief of Student Health, MIT Medical
  • Kyle Filipe, Director, IT Support Services, Information Systems and Technology
  • Christopher Giles, Manager, Digital Communications, Information Systems and Technology
  • Marco Gomes, Director, Infrastructure Operations, Information Systems and Technology
  • Rikus Goosen, Applications Architect, Information Systems and Technology
  • Juan Heyns, Information Systems and Technology
  • Matt Isgur, Sr Manager, Campus Safety & Security Infrastructure, Information Systems & Technology
  • Maureen Johnston, Director of Clinical Operations and Chief of Nursing, MIT Medical
  • Terrence Jordan, Solutions Architect, Information Systems and Technology
  • Eamon Kearns, Senior Director, Emerging Solutions, Information Services and Technology
  • Dudley Kirkpatrick, Information Systems and Technology
  • Elizabeth McManus, IT Project Manager, Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer
  • Jagruti Patel, Senior Director, Special Projects, Office of the Chancellor
  • Jonathan Pelletier, Supervisor, Medical Laboratory, MIT Medical
  • April Julich Perez, Executive Director, MISTI School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Steven Petsinger, Solutions Architect, Information Systems and Technology
  • Janis Puibello, Associate Chief Nursing, Quality & Nursing Admin, MIT Medical
  • George Roch, Business Intelligence Analyst, Information Systems and Technology
  • Maura Rowley, Nurse Practice Manager, MIT Medical
  • Michael Patrick Rutter, Senior Advisor for Communications, Office of the Vice Chancellor
  • Brian Schuetz, Executive Director, MIT Medical Administration, MIT Medical
  • Jacqueline Sherry, Clinical Service Lead, Occ & Envr Med Campus Health, MIT Medical
  • Jane Sylvester, Director, Ancillary Services, MIT Medical
  • Werner Swiegers, Information Systems and Technology
  • Kate Trimble, Senior Associate Dean & Director, OEL, OVC Department Heads
  • David Tytell, Director of Communications, MIT Medical
  • Doug Walsh, Manager, Project Management, Information Services and Technology
MIT.nano Team
  • Whitney Rochelle Hess, Manager, Safety Systems and Programs, MIT.nano
  • Nicholas Menounos, Assistant Director of Infrastructure, MIT.nano
  • Anna Osherov, Assistant Director of User Services - Characterization.nano
  • Kristofor Robert Payer, Research Specialist, MIT.nano
  • Jorg Scholvin, Assistant Director User Services - Fab.nano

Outstanding Contributor

Suzanne Blake
MIT Emergency Management

Rajan Gurjar
Technical Staff, Active Optical Systems
Lincoln Laboratory

David Johnson
Associate Staff, Air Traffic Control Systems
Lincoln Laboratory

Kristen Morreale
Staffing Specialist
Office of the VP for Human Resources

Greg Raposa
Campus and Space Administrator
Office of the Provost

Jason SooHoo
IT Manager
Haystack Observatory

Eric Small
Senior Administrative Assistant, MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation
Schwarzman College of Computing

Gwen Wilcox
Senior Administrative Assistant, Department of Chemical Engineering
School of Engineering

Kate White
Administrative Officer, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
School of Science

Serving our Community

Kyle Filipe
Director, IT Support Services
Information Systems and Technology

Housing and Residential Services Operations Team
Division of Student Life

  • Carla Bengtson, House Operations Manager
  • Michael Collins, House Operations Manager
  • Sean Durst, Assistant Director, 3rd Shift Operations
  • Kenneth Donaghey, House Operations Manager
  • Julie Gagnon, House Operations Manager
  • Jhon Gonzalez, House Opertions Manager
  • Joseph Graham, House Operations Manager
  • Nika Hollingsworth, House Operations Manager
  • Denise Lanfranchi, House Operations Manager
  • Chris J. Lonero, Evening Shift Supervisor
  • Kathy Matuszewska, Supervisor, Night Watch/Dorm Patrol
  • Gertrude Morris Physic, House Operations Manager
  • Keith Moser, Assistant Director of 2nd Shift & Security
  • Jonathan Nolan, House Operations Manager
  • Bob Ramsay, Housing Operations Manager
  • Duarte Vieira, Evening Operations Manager
  • Brian Ward, House Operations Manager/Unit 12 Weekend Manager

MIT Medical Clinical Response Team
MIT Medical

  • Marilyn Donovan, Registered Nurse
  • Ketline Edouard, Nurse Practice Manager for Medical Specialties and Covid testing sites
  • Colleen Hulme, Registered Nurse
  • Anne Marcoux, Nurse Practice Manager, Urgent Care
  • Janis Puibello, Associate Chief Nursing, Clinical Quality and Nursing Administration
  • Elaine Rancatore, Physician, Urgent Care
  • Maura Rowley, Nurse Practice Manager
  • Stephanie Shapiro, Chief of Medical Informatics and Population Health
  • Jacqueline Sherry, Clinical Service Lead, Occupational and Environmental Medicine Campus Health
  • Pauline Yee, Nurse Practice Supervisor

Personal Protective Equipment Team

  • Jim Bagley, Strategic Sourcing Analyst, VPF
  • Douglas Ciulla, Supervisor, Mail Services, Department of Facilities
  • Ainsley Cray, Funds Information Coordinator, Office of the Recording Secretary, VPF
  • Martin Culpepper, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Project Manus
  • Jim Doughty, IHP Sr. Program Manager, Environment, Health and Safety
  • Regina Dugan, Counsel, Office of General Counsel
  • Tolga Durak, Managing Director, Environment Health and Safety, Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer & Vice President of Campus Services and Stewardship
  • Mike Fahie, Manager, Mail Services, Department of Facilities
  • Rory Harrington, Senior Leadership Giving Officer, Office of Leadership Giving, Resource Development
  • Simon Johnson, Ronald A. Kurtz Professor of Entrepreneurship, Sloan School of Management
  • Valerie Jean Karplus, (formerly) Sloan School of Management
  • Steve Lanou, Project Manager, Office of Sustainability
  • Monica Lee, Senior Communications Officer, Communications & Customer Engagement, Department of Facilities
  • Tami Lieberman, Hermann L.F. von Helmholtz Assistant Professor, IMES and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Christina T Lo, Director of Strategic Sourcing and Contracts, VPF
  • Molly Katherine McGuigan, MIT Graduate student, CTL
  • Nicole Morell, Sustainability Communications Specialist, Office of Sustainability
  • Nadia Morrison, Manager of Finance and Administration, Environment, Health and Safety
  • Martin W. O'Brien, Senior Manager, Campus Services & Maintenance
  • Darren O’Connor, Supervisor, Mail Services, Department of Facilities
  • Nicolas Paquin, Associate Director, Environment, Health and Safety
  • Maura Ridge, Leadership Giving Officer, IMES
  • Daniela Rus, Deputy Dean of Research, CSAIL Director, Andrew and Erna Viterbi Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Zach Sweet, Contracting Services Department, Lincoln Laboratory
  • Courtney Vigo, Financial Analyst 1, VPF
  • Kathy D Vitale, Director of Gift Administration, Office of the Recording Secretary, VPF
  • Michael B Yaffe, David H. Koch Professor in Science, Department of Biology

Sustaining MIT 

Susanna Barry
Senior Program Manager
Community Wellness at MIT Medical

Matt Fulton
Facilities and Operations Administrator
Plasma Science and Fusion Center