2021 Changes to Medical and Family Leave Policies

On January 1, 2021, MIT implemented changes to its medical and family leave policies. Here's what employees need to know.


MIT made changes to its medical and family leave policies in response to the Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave Act (PFMLA), effective January 1, 2021. Under this law, employees are entitled to paid leave—at a rate set by a state formula—for serious health conditions and certain family reasons. (Background on the law.)

Rather than opting into the state-run PFMLA plan—which requires employers and potentially employees to pay a tax, and for employee leaves to be administered by the state agency—MIT directly provides, funds, and administers PFMLA leaves for all eligible employees.

What Changed in 2021?


Most of MIT’s current sick and family leave benefits already complied with the PFMLA. We expanded our leave benefits in certain respects where the state law requires longer leave periods or extends paid leave benefits to certain categories of employees who are not currently eligible for our benefits.

Visit the Employee Leaves site to see an overview of the various leave types that are available to employees.

 Overview of Employee Leaves

Sick time tracking

MIT must track sick time for all employees to ensure we comply with the law. Sick time is now accrued on a monthly basis for all staff, including salaried staff. 

 Sick Time Tracking

Other Changes

To ensure compliance with the state paid leave law and efficient administration of our resulting leave benefits, MIT contracted with Workpartners, a leave administration vendor. Workpartners will work with employees and leave supervisors to ensure that employees are informed of their rights and options for a serious health condition leave, and also to ensure that leave time is properly tracked. See how to request a leave.

Leaves at Lincoln Laboratory will continue to be managed by their HR administrators.

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