How Do I...?

We're glad you're here! See How Do I ...? entries just for the newest members of our community here.

How do I receive personal assistance through MIT MyLife Services?

MyLife Services is a free, confidential MIT benefit. One call puts you in touch with a network of experts who can provide emotional and behavioral counseling, work-life consultations, and personalized referrals.

You can visit MIT MyLife Services, call the MyLife Services office at 844-405-LIFE (844-405-5433) or (TTY) 866-892-7162 or email

How do I prepare myself for my new job at MIT?

Prior to starting work at the Institute, all new employees receive a Welcome to MIT letter from Human Resources, containing important information to help you prepare for your new role. Your letter will direct you to Atlas for New Hires to begin setting up your administrative profile at before you officially start your job.

Atlas is MIT’s online self-service and administrative systems hub, and you can access Atlas from anywhere you have internet access—but you can also visit the Atlas Service Center on campus to get one-on-one support in person.

You can also visit New Employees, and begin with Getting Started, where you’ll find a series of steps to begin your onboarding process.


How do I know what to expect when my job gets underway at MIT?

You will find steps and advice at the Your First Days, Your First Months, and Your First Year sections of New Employees. Your manager and your HR officer will also be there to ensure you are meeting all your critical milestones as you become a part of the MIT community.

How do I get set up with my MIT benefits?

During your onboarding process, your manager will direct you (and your family, if applicable) through the process of getting set up with your MIT Benefits, but you can find information on each major MIT Benefits category online:

  • MIT Health and Welfare Plans  
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Life & Other Insurance
  • Retirement
  • Tuition & Education
  • Discounts & Perks

How do I find the Employment Policy Manual and other MIT policies?

MIT's Employment Policy Manual (formerly the Personnel Policy Manual) and MIT Policies & Procedures can be found on the MIT Policies site.

How do I find performance development resources?

Visit Performance Development to access information on Performance Reviews, the Performance & Development Review Tool (PDR), and the Schedule of Reviews. 

How do I find out about the seminars and support groups available through MIT HR Center for WorkLife and WellBeing?

The MIT HR Center for WorkLife and WellBeing Seminar Series and support groups provide research-based strategies to help you deal with a diverse array of work-life issues and life phases and changes. All programs are free of charge and open to all members of the MIT community, including students, staff, faculty, and their partners and families.

How do I find HR workshops designed to support my career growth?

Upcoming MIT HR workshops are announced each fall and spring. See learning opportunities in Learn & Grow.

How do I access learning & development programs to advance my skills and career?

Visit Learn & Grow to discover programs designed to support MIT employees at different stages in their careers.