Quick, Fun Ways to Recognize Colleagues

We're building a library of quick, creative, and free or inexpensive ways to provide recognition "right now." See below for the latest ideas.

icon Individual or Team: Commuting
For staff working remotely, recognize their contribution by suggesting they implement a "commute." Instead of getting on the T, they can take a walk in their local park, or tuck into a favorite book.
Team: Pairings
As your team wraps up a project, schedule a 30-minute Zoom meeting pairing off the team into twos. During the meetings, the pairs hear from each other what was most challenging and rewarding about the project. When the team comes together to celebrate the close of the project, the pairs then share the work of their partner with the entire team.
Icon of pair
Icon of brain Individual or Team: Left Brain links
The MITAC website and YouTube channel is resource-rich in free content for hobbies and activities. Encourage direct reports to take a restorative break by sharing a link for a topic they would enjoy.
Individual or Team: Learn
Encourage and support staff members who want to expand their skills to participate in a learning opportunity.
icon of someone learning
icon of meeting Individual or Team: Recognize
Set aside time at All Staff meetings for DLCI leadership to recognize the work of teams in the department.
Individual: Walking meeting
To recognize a direct report, schedule a 20-minute walking meeting. No agenda, just time to hear what they think about an upcoming project, or one that just wrapped up.
Icon of pause button Individual or Team: Pause
Recommend that your direct reports or colleagues attend the daily MIT @2:50 – a 10-minute mindfulness exercise designed to help staff, faculty, students, and the global community have the chance to reflect and recharge.
Individual or Team: A Little Help
Recognize the efforts of a direct report by taking something off their plate for the day.
Icon of helping hands
icon of note Individual: Poem
Leave a Post-it Note poem. For example:
     Roses are red,
     Violets are blue,
     You took on an extra project,
     And impressed the VP too!
Individual: Take Out
On-site team recognition lunch coming up? Ask a member of the team you want to recognize to select the caterer/restaurant for the group.
icon of food container

Have an idea for recognizing colleagues? Let us know at excellence@.mit.edu.

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