How Do I...?

How do I receive personal assistance through MIT MyLife services?

MyLife Services is a free, confidential MIT benefit. One call puts you in touch with a network of experts who can provide emotional and behavioral counseling, work-life consultations, and personalized referrals.

You can visit MIT MyLife Services, call the MyLife Services office at 844-405-LIFE (844-405-5433) or (TTY) 866-892-7162 or email

How do I adjust my MIT health & medical benefits after a divorce?

If you find yourself suddenly without health insurance because you were covered by the health plan of your spouse or domestic partner, review your medical, dental, and vision plan options, and enroll in the plans that meet your needs.

If divorce changes your financial situation and your eligibility for Medicaid or the State Children's Health Insurance Program, you have 60 days to make corresponding changes to health-related benefits. 

You have 31 days after your divorce decree to make any necessary changes to your MIT health plans within 31 days of the official date of your divorce.  For more information on how your divorce affects your MIT Health & Medical benefits, visit MIT Life Events: Divorce.