Courses that Qualify for Reimbursement

MIT provides tuition reimbursement for First Degree Study courses, Job-Related Study courses, Career-Related Study courses, and Career Counseling/Coaching sessions as described below.

Professional seminars, conferences, workshops, and private study are not reimbursable under the Tuition Assistance Plan.

It is not necessary to have your course approved officially by a Tuition Assistance administrator before taking it, unless you are pursuing career-related study, which requires you to submit for approval an online Career Development Proposal.

Guidelines for Course Eligibility

 Courses that qualify for reimbursement

  • First Degree – academic courses leading to your first undergraduate degree, high school diploma or equivalency certificate
  • Job-Related – academic or trades-related courses that provide knowledge that will enhance your performance significantly in your current job
  • Career-Related – undergraduate and graduate academic and trades-related courses that prepare you for advancement in your present field or another field in which realistic full-time employment opportunities exist at MIT—you must have an approved Career Development Proposal
  • Career Counseling/Coaching – individual and group skills assessment and counseling for career choices, career planning, career transitions, and job hunting (excluding the typing and printing of resumes). Total reimbursement is limited to $500 every five years and is counted as part of your annual tuition reimbursement limit

Courses offered for credit

You must take all courses for credit whenever credit is offered. You cannot audit a course.

A non-credit course qualifies for reimbursement under the following conditions:

  • The course is not offered for credit.
  • The course is job-related or part of an approved Career Development Proposal.
  • The course meets on at least five separate days.

Course length requirement

A course must meet on at least five separate days unless it qualifies for one of these approved exceptions:

  • Courses that count toward a degree program in which you are enrolled
  •  Career counseling sessions taken under the Career Counseling/Coaching area of study.
  • certification programs
  • an initial license or examination review course in which the certificate or license is directly related to your present job at MIT or part of your approved Career Development Proposal
  • online and correspondence courses
  • MIT Professional Education’s Short Programs
  • MIT Sloan School of Management’s Executive Education courses

First-time prepayment option

  • First-time users of the Tuition Assistance Plan have the option of applying for prepayment before their courses begin. Learn more.

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Complete this form only when the area of study for your course(s) is Career-Related.

Complete this form only if you are unable to access your Tuition Assistance Account in Atlas.