Supplemental Child Care Subsidy for Calendar Year 2020

MIT is pleased to offer a calendar year 2020 COVID-19 supplemental child care subsidy.

The subsidy program is available to benefits-eligible employees, postdoctoral associates, and postdoctoral fellows who have dependent children ages 0-12. Employees may request a nontaxable $2,000 subsidy for each dependent child, up to a maximum of three children per household.

How to Apply

Complete the application form below. Once completed, submit the application and a copy (jpg or pdf) of the birth certificates for each child(ren) in your household.

  • Campus employees: Submit the application form and your documentation via email or DropSecure to your department administrator. 
  • Lincoln Laboratory employees: Submit the application form and your documentation via email or DropSecure to

Applications must be submitted no later than Thursday, December 31, 2020.

 Child Care Subsidy Application Form

How to Use DropSecure

DropSecure will allow you to send your documents using a secure method. DropSecure maintains the files for seven days, after which they are automatically deleted. 

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the “Drop up to 10 files” box and browse your device for the documents that you are submitting for verification. Select file(s) to be added. Each file should be less than 5MB and in pdf or jpg format.
  3. Enter your email address in the “from email” field.
  4. Enter your department administrator’s email address in the “to email” field.
  5. Click the “Encrypt & Send” button to securely submit your documents.

FAQs for Applicants

Employee Eligibility

Who is eligible for this benefit?

As announced by President Reif on August 11, 2020, benefits-eligible staff members, postdoctoral associates, and postdoctoral fellows with children ages 0-12 will receive $2,000 per child, for up to three children.

Is there a selection process? Are there income limits?

There is no selection process and there are no income limits. Eligible employees must complete an application and submit the application and copies of birth certificates to department administrators for review and processing.

Is the benefit pro-rated for part-time benefits-eligible employees?

No, part-time benefits eligible employees are paid the full subsidy.

How long do you have to be an MIT employee to be eligible for the subsidy?

Anyone that is currently a benefits-eligible employee at the time of announcement is eligible for the subsidy.

What about households where both parents are employed by MIT? 

For married parents who work at MIT, the child care subsidy is limited to one household. The subsidy is also limited to one household for divorced parents who share custody and work for MIT.

I have enrolled in/used in the Dependent Care FSA for 2020. Am I still eligible?

Yes. This one-time supplemental child care subsidy is separate from the Dependent Care FSA.

Child Eligibility

I have a child older than age 12 who has a disability and for whom I provide daily support and care. Do I qualify for the child care subsidy?

Benefits-eligible staff, postdoctoral associates, and postdoctoral fellows can submit an application for a child over the age of 12 who has a mental or physical disability, and is primarily dependent upon the faculty member or employee for support and maintenance during the pandemic. Proof of disability is required, such as a note from a medical provider or a copy of Social Security disability paperwork.

If my child turned 13 this year, are they still eligible?

If your child turned 13 prior to the announcement of this benefit on August 11, 2020, you are not eligible for the subsidy.

Do my step children qualify? 

Step children will qualify as long as they are your tax dependent.  

Do my children/step children need to be on an MIT health care plan to qualify?

No. There is no requirement for children to be on an MIT health plan in order to receive this subsidy. 

Applying for the Subsidy

Is there a deadline for submitting applications for the subsidy?

Yes. All applications must be submitted no later than Thursday, December 31, 2020.

I don’t have a printer or scanner at home. How do I submit a copy of my child’s/children’s birth certificate(s)?

A legible photo can be used for the copy of the birth certificate, such as one taken with an iPhone, other smartphone, or digital camera.

Will proof of services or receipts for camp, child care etc. be required?

No. Receipts are not required. Eligible employees need to submit the application and birth certificate(s) only.

Is this a one-time subsidy?

Yes, this is a one-time, calendar year 2020 supplemental child care subsidy due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is the child care subsidy taxable?

MIT’s Office of the General Counsel and the Vice President for Finance tax team have determined that the amounts paid under the Supplemental Child Care Subsidy program are nontaxable as disaster relief payments. The payments are intended to help defray a range of incremental costs relating to caring for children as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As COVID-19 has been declared a federal disaster, payments intended to cover such costs are nontaxable.

Payroll is working on reimbursement of taxes for those who received a subsidy payment from which taxes were withheld. Additional information will be forthcoming.

FAQs for Department Administrators

How should I process the subsidy requests?

Department administrators should review the forms and certificates to ensure that employees are eligible for the child care subsidy. Applications should be processed through Accounts Payable using an electronic Request for Payment (eRFP).

  • In Atlas menu option Manage Reimbursements (RFPs), select “Reimbursement”
  • Select employee in Payee Name field
  • Date of Service is the date you are submitting the eRFP
  • GL #: 420254
  • Cost Object: 2040605
  • In the “Explanation For this G/L enter” field, type in “COVID-19 Child Care Subsidy”
  • DO NOT attach backup documentation (birth certificates, application forms) to the eRFP, and select Cancel for Request to Attach Receipt
  • Select “Send to,” then type Covid  in search box to find the match “Covid Child Care” and hit Send

Please remind staff to make sure their direct deposit information is current in Atlas in order to receive their subsidy payment; otherwise, they will receive payment by check.

How long will it take for the applicant to receive their subsidy?

Once the eRFP is submitted by the DLC, it should be processed by A/P within 3-5 business days. After that approval by A/P it should be in the person’s bank account within 2-3 days.

How should I store the application forms for the subsidy and the supporting documents?

Applications should be retained by the DLC. Download the application and supporting documentation and store the files on a secure drive. 

Please direct any additional questions regarding this child care subsidy to your department administrator or your Human Resources Officer.

Additional Child Care Resources

MIT MyLife Services: If you need assistance finding alternative, routine child care or educational resources, MyLife Services can provide customized research and referrals based on your family’s budget, location, and other priorities.

EdNavigator: If your elementary, middle, or high school student needs help adjusting to distance learning, connect with an expert education advisor (a “Navigator”). Your personal Navigator will work with your family to develop a customized learning plan to help your child succeed in this fall’s educational environment. 

Backup Child Care: Screened and trained caregivers are available to care for your children during the day or evening, seven days per week.