Joe Coen

Presenter: Provost Chris A. Kaiser

Our first Unsung Hero, Joe Coen, is Manager of the Events and Information Center at MIT. He oversees the center, its operations, and staff, including more than 40 student tour guides. Joe is a major force in the Institute’s largest events—from commencement to the State of the Institute Forum—dealing with the incredible range of responsibilities such events entail. Colleagues from all over MIT look to him for advice on how to get things done the right way.

Joe’s nominators acknowledge that “being a great guy” is not among the criteria for winning this award, yet they emphasize that “for Joe Coen, there is no separation of the personal from the professional in the best sense. His intelligence and work ethic find full expression in his kindness, good humor, and conscientious attention to the feelings and experiences of others.” Another colleague added, “Joe’s ringtone on my cell phone is the Superman theme.” Yet Joe Coen never loses the humility of an unsung hero.

Everybody, let’s welcome Joe Coen to the stage for his MIT Excellence Award.