Applying to L2L

The L2L program runs every other year. The application period for the L2L Class of 2020 will open in the summer of 2019.

Who Should Apply

L2L is intended for people at MIT who are in positions to lead or influence people.

Candidates should be seen as:

  • Strengthening individual leadership potential
  • Demonstrating MIT leadership competencies
  • Representing MIT's diverse community
  • Open to feedback, reflection, and learning
  • Willing and able to undertake the extra work and time L2L requires
  • Valued and deserving of recognition and development
  • Having the support of the leader(s) in their organization for their leadership development

This application is for non-faculty. Faculty interested in being an L2L Fellow should contact the Provost.

Those who complete the application process are selected for participation by a committee of Institute senior leaders. Leader to Leader is an MIT-sponsored program so there is no cost to the Fellows or their departments.

For individuals who want to improve their effectiveness as a supervisor or manager of individuals, we encourage you to consider HR's management development programs: Essentials of Managing and Managing for Excellence.

Application period

The application period for the 2018 L2L session has closed.

Check the status of an application

What's involved in applying?

Applicants must complete the following five steps before the application deadline:

  1. Learn more about the L2L experience from an alumnus
    Meet with two L2L alumni to learn about:
    1. The value they got from the L2L experience
    2. How to get the most from the L2L program
    3. The level of effort and time commitment
    4. Ways they applied what they learned
  2. Talk with your manager to gain support related to
    1. Your leadership development through the L2L program
    2. How participation in the program will benefit your organization and MIT
    3. The time commitment of the program
    4. Expectations of the manager
  3. Complete application form
    1. Include the name of the person who will complete Letter of Reference (Kerberos required)
    2. Include name of manager who will complete Manager's Support Form (Kerberos required)
    3. Write short essay (300-500 words) detailing
      1. The competencies, skills, experiences you bring to Leader to Leader
      2. The new skills and competencies you hope to gain from the program that will help you be a stronger leader
      3. How participation in the program will benefit your organization and MIT
  4. Letter of Reference
    The colleague you've named as a reference will receive an email from L2L with a link to the Letter of Reference Form asking them to describe your demonstrated leadership abilities, skills, and competencies.
  5. Manager's Support Form
    Your manager will receive an email from L2L with a link to the Manager's Support Form.

Selection process

L2L Fellows are selected by a committee of senior MIT leaders based on candidate criteria, completed applications and references, and the composition of the group, including diversity of the class and cross-Institute representation. The selection committee includes:

  • Chancellor
  • Executive Vice President and Treasurer
  • Provost
  • Vice President for Human Resources
  • Vice President

Need Help?

For questions about L2L, contact