L2L Projects

Working in teams of four to five members, L2L Fellows complete projects strategically important to MIT and outside the Fellows’ areas of expertise.

Leaders across MIT who are familiar with L2L sponsor these projects, and they often have long-term impact on the Institute.

The projects have four purposes:

  • To provide Fellows with a practice field so they can apply what they are learning in a supportive environment with others who are working with the same concepts and tools.
  • To enhance learning about group dynamics and group processes through first-hand experience.
  • To give Fellows an opportunity to practice giving and receiving feedback with peers so they become more adept at doing this in other settings.
  • To provide recommendations to MIT's senior leaders and stakeholders on projects of strategic importance.

See examples of previous L2L Project Reports:

L2L class of 2016

  • Building Sustainability Capacity at MIT (PDF)
    L2L Fellows: Julie Greenberg, Ronnie Haas, JJ Laukaitis, Kate McCarthy, Long Tran
    Process Coach: Blanche Staton
    Project Sponsors: Steve Lanou, Julie Newman
  • Improved People Flow between MIT Lincoln Lab and MIT Campus (PDF)
    L2L Fellows: Christine Albertelli, Loren Montgomery, Nate Nickerson, Jag Patel, Christina Rudzinski, David Shumsky
    Process Coach: Sherene Aram
    Project Sponsors: Debby Fisher, Eric Evans, Lorraine A. Goffe-Rush, Derek Jones
  • MindHandHeart Initiative: Expanding the Scope (PDF)
    L2L Fellows: Jake Cohen, John Dunlap, Ellen Finnie, Jill Soucy, Stephanie Sposato
    Process Coach: Brian Tavares
    Project Sponsors: Dave Diamond, Bill Kettyle, Maryanne Kirkbride
  • Open the Door to One MIT (PDF)
    L2L Fellows: Martha Broad, Martha Jane Gagnon, Sarah Rankin, Magdalena Rieb, Lisa Schwallie
    Process Coach: Peggy Eysenbach
    Project Sponsors: Glen Comiso, Kathryn Liede, Kirk Kolenbrander

L2L class of 2014

  • Community Giving@MIT: Program Review and Recommendations (PDF)
    L2L Fellows: Kimberly Benard, Kajal Claypool, Jay Dolan, April Julich Perez, David Randall
    Process Coach: Brian Tavares
    Project Sponsors: Gayle Gallagher, Ted Johnson, Kirk Kolenbrander
  • Measuring Safety Culture in an Academic Environment: Thoughts on the Next Phase of the MIT Environmental Health and Safety Program (PDF)
    L2L Fellows: Tom Gearty, Derek Jones, Jesse Souweine, Tricia Sullivan-Mullen, Ingrid Vargas
    Process Coach: Kathryn Liede
    Project Sponsors: Mitchell Galanek, Pamela Greenley, Bill Van Schalkwyk
  • Mentoring@MIT (PDF)
    L2L Fellows: Danyel Barnard, Howard Heller, Michael Parkin, Jennifer Kratochwill, Julie Newman
    Process Coach: Richard Brewer
    Project Sponsors: Ed Bertschinger, David Hosmer, Alyce Johnson, DiOnetta Jones Crayton, Julie Norman
  • A Regional Engagement Strategy for MIT (PDF)
    L2L Fellows: Meghan Devaney, Peggy Eysenbach, Tracy Gabridge, Lindley Huey, Sara Malconian
    Process Coach: Blanche Staton
    Project Sponsors: Glen Comiso, Karen Gleason, Martin Schmidt

L2L class of 2012

  • Developing Staff Development through Technology (A Roadmap to staffX) (PDF)
    L2L Fellows: Catherine Canney, Glen Comiso, John Donnelly, Jay Perault, Patricia O’Riordan
    Process Coach: Rita Geller
    Project Sponsors: Alison Alden, Bill Van Schalkwyk
  • Growing a Job Family or Role at MIT (PDF)
    L2L Fellows: Suzanne Glassburn, Henry Humphreys, DiOnetta Jones, Tom Komola, Cindy Quense
    Process Coach: Ted Johnson
    Project Sponsors: Alison Alden, Peter Cummings, Stephanie Toews-Moeling
  • The Arts At MIT (PDF)
    L2L Fellows: Pat Hale, David Hosmer, Peggy Meehan, Marilyn Smith, Jackie Wilbur
    Process Coach: Brian Tavares
    Project Sponsors: Pam Delphinich, Philip Khoury, Leila Kinney
  • Growing International Development at MIT (PDF)
    Project Sponsor(s): Beth Ogar, Jeff Newton Process Coach:  Richard Brewer
    Project Team Members: Eric Pearce, Mike Kearns, Karen Shirer, Mitch Galanek, Debb Hodges-Pabon

L2L class of 2010

  • Certification of Research Administrators at MIT (PDF)
    L2L Fellows: Victor Grau Serrat, Sandy Lechiaro, Allen Marcum, Marianthe Mewkill
    Process Coach: Laurie Everett
    Project Sponsors: Claude Canizares, Gillian Emmons, Ron Hasseltine
  • Employee Engagement at the Local Levelvideo)
    L2L Fellows: Dick Amster, Sherene Aram, Barbara Goguen, Tena Herlihy, Colleen Leslie
    Process Coach: Blanche Staton
    Project Sponsors: Alison Alden, Heather Williams
  • MIT’s Global Enterprise: Business Models (PDF)
    L2L Fellows: Peter Cummings, Martin Dugal, Pam Greenley, Alyce Johnson, Tara Walor, Ann Warner-Harvey
    Process Coach: Brian Tavares
    Project Sponsors: Mark DiVincenzo, Deb Fisher, Greg Morgan, Jim Morgan

L2L class of 2008

  • Investigating the Feasibility of a Code of Business Conduct at MIT (PDF)
    L2L Fellows: Meg Chute, Pam Delphenich, Amanda Graham, Jim Ingraham, Steven Lanou, Marsha Warren
    Process Coach: Richard Brewer
    Project Sponsors: Gillian Emmons, Deb Fisher
  • Report on Third-Party Actions (PDF)
    L2L Fellows: Mark DiVincenzo, O’Neil Outar, Stephanie Richardson, Sally Susnowitz, Heather Williams
    Process Coach: Chris Leamon
    Project Sponsors: Donna Behmer, Annette Jacobs
  • Training Infrastructure at MIT: An L2L Project conducted for the Training Alignment Team (PDF)
    L2L Fellows: Jim Bales, David Conrad, Larry Gallagher, Tracy Purinton
    Process Coach: Blanche Staton
    Project Sponsors: John Armstrong, Jane White
  • Walking the Talk: A behavioral change framework for MIT energy conservation (PDF)
    L2L Fellows: Robbin Chapman, Bart Dahlstrom, Malgorzata Hedderick, Ted Johnson, Magdalene Lee
    Process Coach: Mary Schaefer
    Project Sponsors: Robin Elices, Sherwin Greenblatt