Gregory S. Rowe

Presenter: Eric Evans, Director, Lincoln Laboratory

Our next award goes to an Unsung Hero who is described as “a beacon at Lincoln Laboratory.” An “engineer’s engineer.” “Tirelessly dedicated.” His name is Gregory Rowe, and he is a member of the technical staff at Lincoln Laboratory, where he has worked for 25 years. One of Greg’s nominators says, “We rely on Greg for his technical expertise and can-do attitude. Yet he always shifts credit for the group’s success to those around him. I have never seen a work ethic like his, especially with such persistent enthusiasm. The only thing I have ever seen Greg fail at, is getting out the door on time. If there is a technical problem preventing you from making progress on your own work, he won’t leave until he finds it so you can make headway when you get to work next morning. And his mentorship of staff members with less laboratory experience has helped us grow our technical competence. Greg goes far beyond anything that can be construed as ‘job requirements,’ and he has done so humbly and of his own initiative for many years.”

It’s time to bring this Unsung Hero up on stage. Gregory Rowe, everybody!