Dennis C. Weikle

Presenter: Eric Evans, Director, Lincoln Laboratory

Our final Unsung Hero is Dennis Weikle, a member of the technical staff at Lincoln Laboratory. Dennis has worked his way up the ranks of Lincoln Laboratory since January of 1972. In those 41 years, he has distinguished himself on so many levels, he has been called “the glue that keeps his team together.” As a skilled technician working with highly sophisticated antenna and radar systems, his ingenuity has saved the day on many occasions. As one of his colleagues observed, “What sets Dennis apart is his technical excellence, his many contributions to multiple projects, his ability to execute difficult antenna designs, his willingness to go out of his way to help others, and his devotion to his peers. Dennis is an innovative engineer, an effective project manager, and a compassionate friend and mentor. He is an outstanding example of why Lincoln Laboratory continues to be a success.”

Let’s welcome Dennis Weikle up on stage, everyone, for his well-deserved Unsung Hero Award.