Superdrivers Team

Presenter: Chancellor W. Eric L. Grimson

Robert Clegg, Driver, Facility Services Department, Lincoln Laboratory
Scott Leach, Driver, Facility Services Department, Lincoln Laboratory
Leonard Nunes,Driver, Facility Services Department, Lincoln Laboratory

Our final Serving the Client Award—and our final award of the afternoon—goes to Robert Clegg, Scott Leach, and Leonard Nunes, a team affectionately known as the Superdrivers. Key members of the Lincoln Laboratory transportation group, Bob, Lenny, and Scott continually exceed expectations to provide passengers with a comfortable ride to MIT and Lincoln Laboratory. According to their passengers, the Superdrivers go above and beyond their duties to meet the riders’ needs, adjust their routes to avoid delays, let passengers on and off closer to their destinations, and wait the extra minute if they know someone is running late. They’ve even been known to call a passenger to find out if they should hold the shuttle. Or to stay overnight at the Lab if a snowstorm is predicted so they can clear off the vehicles and get the passengers to work.” Most rewarding, say the riders, is the three Superdrivers’ delight in serving their clients. “They are always smiling, always polite,” one nominator wrote. “It’s a great way to start and finish the work day.”

Let’s welcome the Superdrivers to the stage.
Robert Clegg
Scott Leach
Leonard Nunes