Jordan Siegel

Presenter: Chancellor W. Eric L. Grimson

The next recipient of the Serving the Client Award was described by one colleague as an outstanding problem solver and relationship builder and a wonderful office citizen. His name is Jordan Siegel, and he has worked at MIT for nearly 10 years in MIT’s career services office, now known as Global Education & Career Development. Those who work with him say that Jordan provides essential help to students, employers, staff, and faculty in his role as the Recruiting and Marketing Coordinator, at the same time reinventing some of the unit’s most essential systems.

Jordan supports MIT’s on-campus recruiting activities for over 300 employers conducting 4500 interviews annually. He has also taken the lead on major projects that improve the campus recruiting process. He helped develop a new invoicing system that has saved Employer Relations more than 300 hours of administrative work...and collaborated with the student leaders of MIT’s largest career fair to implement a new streamlined electronic check-in system for the event’s attendees.

One of Jordan’s coworkers summed it up this way: “Jordan creates outstanding relationships with employers. He is incredible at figuring out processes and how they can be improved. He is able to foresee problems and create solutions before they negatively impact students and employers. He is the first person I go to with a problem. And as a colleague, he is thoughtful, kind, and a joy to be around.”

I am very pleased to present the Serving the Client Award to Jordan Siegel.