The MIT Efficiency Forward Team

Presenter: President L. Rafael Reif

Peter Cooper, Manager of Sustainable Engineering & Utility Planning, Department of Facilities
Nathaniel Fanning, Project Coordinator, Systems Engineering Group, Department of Facilities
Joseph Gifun, Director, Systems Engineering Group, Department of Facilities
Walter Henry, Director Engineering (ret.), Department of Facilities
Megan Kefalis, Project Manager, Systems Engineering Group, Department of Facilities
Steven Lanou, Deputy Director of Environmental Sustainability, Office of the Environment, Health & Safety
Julia Ledewitz, Sustainability Engineer, Department of Facilities

Today we present the Greening MIT Award to the members of the MIT Efficiency Forward Team. When the Commonwealth and regional utility companies announced an effort to increase energy efficiency programs, this team seized the opportunity. After struggling to reach their internal conservation goals, the team was looking for a new model. Working closely with N-STAR and with MIT faculty, students and staff, these team members developed a pioneering, multi-million dollar collaborative energy conservation program—the largest energy efficiency project of its kind in the state.

In 2010, the Efficiency Forward Team surpassed its first year target energy savings by 30% -- and it has exceeded its goals ever since. By the end of fiscal year 2012, the team will have had an impact on nearly 85% of all buildings on MIT’s main campus. And over the 11-year course of the program, the team expects to save MIT more than $50 million in energy costs.

The MIT Efficiency Forward Team has been recognized by the Northeast Energy Efficiency group for its accomplishments. Now, it’s our turn to celebrate their creativity.

Let’s welcome to the stage the MIT Efficiency Forward Team:
Peter Cooper
Nathaniel Fanning
Joseph Gifun
Walter Henry
Megan Kefalis
Steven Lanou
Julia Ledewitz