Dr. Alan E. Siegel

Presenter: Alison Alden, Vice President for Human Resources

The next recipient of the Bringing Out the Best Award is Alan Siegel,
Chief of Mental Health Services at MIT. According to one nominator, Alan has changed the mission of the Mental Health and Counseling Service dramatically during his tenure. He has greatly increased access and use of the services, creating multiple entry points for members of the community. Alan has also significantly expanded communication to at-risk students.

As one letter of support for Alan noted, “He is a remarkably talented clinician. Through his guidance and insight, he helps students develop and mature and ultimately get the best out of their MIT experience. He is also a gifted administrator, managing a large staff of clinicians who come from a variety of backgrounds and who have been trained in many different ways.”

By building consensus around a clear vision and sense of purpose, Alan has inspired his staff to reconfigure much of their routine to improve service to students and employees. In the words of another colleague, “Alan truly brings out the best in all of us.”

I have had the pleasure to work with Alan directly, so I am especially pleased to honor Alan Siegel with the MIT Excellence Award for Bringing Out the Best.