Sam Stambler

Presenter Chris Colombo:

“The title of assistant staff at Lincoln Laboratory says very little about a man whose enthusiasm, dedication, and creativity are helping to shape the next generation of Air Force capabilities. This awardee joined the lab in 2006 with a can-do attitude and has tirelessly worked his way up. He has been involved in every aspect of Lincoln Laboratory’s Airborne Countermeasures Test System, from crawling around aircraft and installing cables to running detailed simulations. A hard-working team player, he took on a critical role in an Air Force rapid-prototyping project, inspiring others with his enthusiasm and selfless work ethic. Passionate about assisting students, he has also strengthened Lincoln Laboratory’s relationship with the main campus through his support of a capstone course in Aero/Astro. For this project, he not only transformed high-level concepts into manageable project goals, but he attended classes to field questions, and mentored students through the design, fabrication, and testing of a micro Unmanned Air Vehicle.

“For all this and more behind-the-scenes work, I’m delighted to present this award to Sam Stambler.”