Michael Crones

Presenter Chris Colombo:

“Saving the day is business as usual for our first awardee—whether he is protecting Lincoln Laboratory from a vendor’s security breach or stepping into a leadership gap. His title is Project Management Office lead in Lincoln’s Information Services Department, but over the past year he has shouldered an incredible amount of responsibility outside of his regular duties. At one point, he was actually the go-to person for four senior-level positions, while doing his own job. He handled contingency planning, resource forecasting, budgeting, strategy, and client services. Without his efforts, the entire 180-person department would have struggled—yet few people even noticed how short-handed management was, because he ensured key projects continued without a hiccup. One nominator wrote, ‘He has helped to transform ISD into a help-first, not-to-blame department.’ And he did it all with diplomacy and good humor.

“An inspiration to those who work with him, Michael Crones is a true Unsung Hero. Congratulations.”