Barbara Baker

Presenter Chris Colombo:

“It is my distinct pleasure to present an award to the senior associate dean for student life—an individual who supports students through the tough challenges they face in their personal growth and development. Since the sensitive nature of these issues requires the utmost discretion, her efforts are regularly shielded from public view. Yet, those of us who know her – as I do – can personally attest to her commitment, patience, and professionalism. Empathetic by nature, she works with colleagues at MIT Medical, MIT Mental Health, and Student Support Services to ensure that each student’s needs are met with compassion and care. She is the human face of MIT for students and families at times of crisis—sensitive, concerned, and helpful. In addition, she mentors students on her own time and takes a community-wide approach to improving MIT’s safety net by teaming with others to advance such programs as Freshman Orientation and the Dean on Call system.

“For your effective, heartfelt, and meaningful contributions to the life of the Institute, thank you and congratulations Barbara Baker.”