Patricia Crosby

Presenter Dr. Alison Alden:

“A financial assistant in the Office of the Vice President for Finance, our next awardee is responsible for processing all the many wire transfers MIT receives each day. Few people realize the huge volume of transactions and the attention to detail required to perform this mission-critical job. Any unidentified tuition payment can be an enormous source of stress to students and their parents, yet many wire transfers arrive without key information such as who, when, or even why the money has been sent to MIT. Fortunately, when tuition dollars get tangled up in cyberspace, this awardee calmly reaches out to families using what one nominator called her ‘magic touch for smoothing stressful situations.’ Known for her ‘genuineness and warmth of character,’ she is also able to tap into the strong and trusting relationships she has developed across the Institute to make sure even the most obscure wires are properly identified and applied.

“For exceptional work Serving the Client, this award goes to Patricia Crosby.”