Jim McCaffery

Presenter Dr. Alison Alden:

“The job of maintenance mechanic at the Burton-Conner dormitory is naturally demanding—the building is very large and old. Yet, our next awardee not only provides consistent and exceptional service to the dorm’s 350-plus residents, he does so with such a pleasant manner that he was actually nominated by the team of graduate student tutors who live in the building. As one nominator wrote, ‘When asked about this awardee, my residents don’t say, ‘I like him.’ It’s always, ‘I love him.” In addition to his regular duties maintaining the dorm’s public spaces, he assists students with their personal areas as well—and even taught students to make their own repairs. Always available to help, he never lets a request slip by—either fixing the problem himself or providing the necessary supervision. His work is consistently top-notch and he does everything with a smile on his face.

“For exceptional work in Serving the Client, this award goes to Jim McCaffery.”