Hsinhwa Lee

Presenter Dr. Alison Alden:

“The manager of the Lauffenburger and Griffith labs in the Department of Biological Engineering, is so critical to operations that one nominator wrote, ‘without her there to keep things running smoothly, the lab simply wouldn’t function.’ Responsible for ordering supplies, maintaining equipment, and keeping the work environment safe, she goes above and beyond expectations to anticipate the needs of a highly diverse group of approximately 50 graduate students, post-docs, technicians, and researchers. Her success in maintaining a clutter-free and uncontaminated work space over three lab floors is so extraordinary that over 30 lab members wrote to support her nomination. As one said, ‘she sets a high standard of behavior that collectively influences us to be better lab citizens.’ A hard worker with an upbeat personality, she provides a helping hand whenever problems arise and extends her personal touch to foster a sense of community.

“Her nominator wrote, ‘She is by far the most exceptional lab manager with whom I have had the pleasure of working.’ Congratulations, Hsinhwa Lee.”