Krista Kitowicz

Presenter: Israel Ruiz

“Every year the Office of Corporate Relations brings hundreds of corporate partners to campus for a variety of conferences and events. As the unit’s events coordinator, our first awardee in this category has made everything ‘greener.’ She worked with caterers to identify locally produced food options, which reduces the fuel consumption associated with transportation. She replaced water bottles with a water dispenser and distributed conference materials via USB drive, a change that saved huge amounts of paper. She also created a donation program for leftover food, worked with florists to find options that could be re-used or planted, and encouraged recycling. According to her nominator, the impact of her efforts has run the gamut, from a tangible reduction in material waste to branding the office to serve as an example of socially responsible and progressive thinking on behalf of MIT.

“For all your work Greening MIT, thank you Krista Kitowicz.”