Commuter Connections Team

Presenter: Israel Ruiz

Robynn Cruz, Parking & Transportation Coordinator, Department of Facilities

Ruth Davis, Communications Manager, Department of Facilities

Larry Brutti, Operations Manager, MIT Parking and Transportation Office

Zhanna Davidovitz, Environmental Officer, Environment, Health & Safety Office

Melody H. Craven, Communications Assistant, Department of Facilities

“An innovative initiative of the Parking and Transportation Office within Facilities, Commuter Connections is a program designed to influence the MIT community to adopt green habits. Today’s awardees came together of their own volition to unify these programs under one brand name and to promote the wide range of transportation benefits offered by the Institute. These include subsidized T passes, secure bike parking, carpool programs, and Zipcars. Developing these benefits required significant internal teamwork and collaboration across departments as well as with external partners. But through these efforts, the Institute reduced the number of people who drive alone to work to just 19 percent of the MIT population. The Institute is now also leasing fewer parking spaces, at a savings of about $1 million each year. The efforts of the Commuter Connections team have earned MIT several environmental awards, significantly enhancing MIT’s reputation as a role model in sustainable practices.

“Congratulations to the Commuter Connections Team: Larry Brutti, Melody Craven, Robynn Cruz, Zhanna Davidovitz, and Ruth Davis.”