Ann E. W. Harvey

Presenter: Israel Ruiz

“I am delighted to say that our next awardee works in my former department, the Office of the Vice President for Finance, as director of human resources and administration. Over the last few years, she has had a deep and lasting impact both on our organization and on the Institute—not only by attracting increasing numbers of diverse candidates to our office but through her many efforts to foster an inclusive community. She is a dedicated member of the MIT Council on Staff Diversity and a major proponent of The Partnership, a program designed to accelerate the development of under-represented minority professionals. She truly values the perspective of others and helps to build a collegial work environment by organizing breakfast meetings, publishing a newsletter, and bringing staff together on cross-functional teams. As one nominator wrote, ‘Her passion for equity and fairness shine through in every conversation.’

“I am proud to be able to present this award to Ann Harvey.”