Sharon Bridburg

Presenter Dr. Eric Evans:

“For 15 years, the director of human resources for the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education has been a positive influence on the careers of MIT community members and staff. Remarkably skilled at handling complicated and delicate situations, she is a patient teacher, advisor, and colleague. Her many nominators say she tirelessly supports the talents and skills of others, not only by providing support and guidance but by knowing the professional profiles of staff so well that she can see opportunities others might miss. She also runs workshops for staff on critical topics such as managing change and advancing diversity. While much of her best work must remain confidential, her nominators say that those who work with her ‘can see her invisible fingerprints on the motivated and happy staff.’ They also call her ‘a difference maker.’

“Thank you, Sharon Bridburg, for all your work Bringing out the Best in those around you.”